Hi. I”m Darlene Fuhst, and I’m an artist. I sign my paintings “D. Fuhst” – hence the name of the blog, which is spelled phonetically for your convenience.

I mainly paint pictures of old neon signs and abandoned roadside attractions. In late 2011 I successfully raised funding via Kickstarter to undertake my dream project – a monumental road trip down the length of Route 66 to collect images to use as references for a series of paintings. I’m spending 2012 and probably a good part of 2013 painting at least 66 pieces. With any luck these paintings will get to take a tour of their own and be shown in various venues along Route 66.

This blog started as a journal of the trip (Click the category “Trip Journal” at the right to see the posts) for my Kickstarter backers. Like most people, I had good intentions of posting every week even after the trip was over. What I didn’t count on was coming home with my 10,000+ photos, ready to paint, and immediately contracting the worst case of “painter’s block” I’ve ever experienced. I was basically was paralyzed from having too many choices and not knowing where to start.

In late March, I finally broke through and have been painting steadily ever since. But I haven’t updated the blog, because my day to day life is honestly not very exciting. Wake up, paint, eat, go to bed, wake up, paint, etc. Not much to share.

But – I think progress updates are warranted, and my occasional random musings need a place to go, so now that fall is rolling around and the air is getting crisp I’m taking another stab at it. We’ll see how it goes.

If you are interested in seeing my artwork please visit my official website http://www.darlenefuhst.com



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