Coma Pie

18 Dec

So I was planning to do a blog post last night, but this ^^^ happened.

We got into Chicago around 4, made our way to my Uncle John’s beautiful condo in the heart of downtown. We were starving. JJ insisted that I had to try a Chicago-style pizza, so we walked to a place called Giordino’s a couple of blocks away, waited an hour, and then this monstrosity was delivered to our table. This is only a small one. I had one slice – well, only about 3/4 of a slice, because my mouth got tired from trying to chew the thick, doughy crust at the edges – and it immediately sent me into a downward spiral of sleepiness. All energy in my body had to be immediately diverted to my digestive system to process the meal. So we walked a few blocks of the Magnificent Mile (because we were right there) and then came home and I fell asleep by 9 pm.

The good news is that was the most hours of sleep I’ve had in a row since I can’t remember when and I feel GREAT today. The next time I can’t sleep I’ll need to get one of these deep dish things fed ex’ed to my house.

Now we’re up bright and early and getting ready to go explore the parts of Route 66 we can see on foot. And here’s the beautiful view from our balcony this morning:

I love Chicago. More updates tonight.


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