Road Warriors in the Rain

16 Dec

So here we are in Lexington, and we spent all day driving in the rain. I guess if we are going to encounter rain I’m glad it was in territory I have covered so many times before so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything due to weather. Our mission right now is simply to get to Chicago – not much sightseeing today.

That’s not to say there aren’t sights to see. Take the photo above – of course when we saw this dragon from the highway we had to pull over. He’s guarding an empty lot near a Motel 6, where you can “Come as a Guest.” How else are you going to do it? 😉

The other main attraction at this particular exit is the Liquor Barn – a store that proudly asserts itself on billboards as “Tennessee’s Moonshine Capital.” Evidently all it takes to achieve this title is one endcap display filled with screw-top mason jars of clear liquid. But they’re branded with cheeky little tags and cost $29.99 for an 8 oz. jar. Popcorn Sutton has a dead-eyed stare and a bad attitude:

And what should be located across from the Moonshine Capital of Tennessee? Why, a fireworks store, naturally. Somehow this seems like a bad idea. But hey – buy one get one!

We had one other tourist opportunity that we had to pass up because it was after hours – the Museum of Appalachia in Kentucky. It’s probably just as well, because as JJ helpfully pointed out in his usual un-PC manner they probably wouldn’t let us in because we’re not cousins.

We had a nice dinner in downtown Lexington and got pleasantly lost in a beautiful neighborhood of Victorian houses – blocks upon blocks of them. Would love to explore that area in the daylight but I’m not sure I could find it again.

Tomorrow we roll into Chicago!


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