So Where Will You Be on (insert date here)?

14 Dec

Many, many people have asked me where we will be on Christmas or what day we’re leaving or what all our stops are going to be. In an effort to simplify the answer (for me, anyway) I am presenting it here and will henceforth refer everyone to this post.

BONUS! Answers to other related frequently asked questions:

– yes, I know where I’m staying every night (assuming we don’t run into weather or other travel issues); I booked hotels weeks ago

– no, I’m not traveling alone – I will have my trusty sidekick/husband with me

– no, I don’t think we will end up getting divorced/deserting the other party in the desert halfway through the trip/murdering each other. We get along quite nicely, thank you.

Without further ado, in all its glory, I present you the official Project 66 trip itenerary (barring unforeseen weather conditions/car wrecks/alien abductions):

12/16 – Greenville, SC > Lexington KY

12/17 – Lexington > Chicago

12/18 – Day in Chicago

12/19 – Chicago > St. Louis

12/20 – St. Louis > Tulsa

12/21 – Tulsa > Amarillo, TX

12/22 – Amarillo > Santa Fe, NM

12/23 & 12/24 – in Santa Fe

12/25 – Santa Fe > Flagstaff, AZ

12/26 – Day in Flagstaff & vicinity (Grand Canyon, etc.)

12/27 – Flagstaff to Las Vegas (short afternoon side trip to neon boneyard and to celebrate our two year anniversary by visiting Elvis)

12/28 – Vegas to Kingman (to rejoin Route 66) to Santa Monica – the end of the Route

12/29 – 12/31 – In Los Angeles

1/1 – L.A. > Tucson, AZ

1/2 – Tucson > Ft. Stockton, TX

1/3 – Ft. Stockton > Austin by way of a short detour through San Antonio

1/4 – Day in Austin

1/5 – Austin > New Orleans

1/6 – Day in New Orleans

1/7 – New Orleans > Home to Greenville

If anyone will be in the vicinity of any of these places the same time we are and would like to meet for coffee/lunch/just to say hi, give me a call. You can get all my info at


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